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Wendell Koehn

Project Summary

This client, Wendell Koehn, is a farmer and also a Beck’s seed dealer with unique facility requirements. This building was built for the client’s seed sales operation.

With frequent seed deliveries, it was important to our customer to have a functional and convenient loading dock. Also, careful consideration was given to the correct eave height to adequately accommodate the stacked seed boxes. With recurring forklift operations within this facility, it was very important for exceptionally flat concrete floor. This was accomplished with laser precision equipment and great attention to detail.

There are two different styles of floor drains used in this project. The owner wanted to be able to shovel seed out of one of the drains, so we implemented a full 12’’ wide drain with removable sectional grates. The other floor drain is our standard 4’’ pre-formed trench drain system with removable grates.

As noted below by the overhead door sizes, doors were either high lifted, roof pitched or full vertical lift as needed. This aspect was very important in this application so that the door track is up and fully out of the way to accommodate the forklift operation and tall stacking height of seed boxes.

Project Specifications and Products Used

Pre-engineered Metal Building

  • 60’ x 125’ x 20’
  • 2:12 roof slope
  • Wainscot
  • 20’ x 16’ overhead door with high lift
  • 12’ x 14’ overhead doors, both with roof pitch
  • 10’ x 10’ overhead door, full vertical lift
  • 5 - 50/40 Andersen 100 series windows
  • Pre-assembled 30/70 entry doors with dead bolt and auto closures
  • Dock leveler system at 10’ x 10’ dock door
  • The floor plan for rough-in restroom plumbing and drains were drawn up by Koehn Building Systems. We also drafted the exterior elevations showing the aesthetics of the building with window and door placement, entry door swing, and dock area.

Insulation Package

  • 3’’ blanket insulation in roof and walls

Concrete Services

  • Foundation, piers, and slab
  • Dock walls and slab

Project Location

Rich Hill, MO

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