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Steve Koehn

CEO and Co-Founder at Koehn Building Systems

Steve is the CEO and Co-Founder of Koehn Building Systems which is a construction company for commercial and agricultural projects with an extensive knowledge in pre-engineered metal buildings (PEMB). We are located in Rich Hill, MO and serve commercial and agricultural clients in Missouri and Kansas.

Steve’s Early Years and Background in the Construction Industry

At a very young age, Steve was taught the value of hard work. Winters consisted of cutting and hauling in lots of firewood, and, in the summer, Steve provided lawn care services and completed odd jobs for elderly neighbors and others around the small town in which he grew up. Steve appreciated the opportunity these jobs gave him and enjoyed time spent visiting and learning from the older generation.

Steve’s interest in the construction industry started at a young age, and, by the time he was 16, he was working for a commercial general contractor erecting large metal buildings. Steve also had the opportunity to work with his grandfather and also his uncle on various construction projects in the summer. He took pride in his work and was taught to do it right the first time. Steve discovered fulfillment in making others happy through quality service and learned the value of building relationships.

After a few years of hard work and dedication to honing his craft, Steve was a business partner of his own construction company.

Building a Successful Construction Company in Missouri

For several years, Steve handled the duties of office work, sales, and worked in the field erecting the metal buildings. In his time spent in the field, he became an expert in all phases of the construction process. This hands-on approach early on gave Steve valuable experience, and he quickly realized the importance of being intimately involved with the design and preconstruction steps of metal building and agricultural projects.

He ascertained firsthand that “all buildings are not created equal.” Much thought and strategy goes into improving building design for an efficient erection process, which in turns gives the owner a better value and a more reliable structure for years to come.

Additionally, Steve put extra emphasis on making sure all of Koehn Building Systems’ completed structures were also aesthetically pleasing. Part of this emphasis on aesthetics includes the integration of many exclusive design features in our buildings which make for a stronger and more attractive building. The priority of functional and aesthetic buildings is still being carried out by our team today.

Connect with Steve Koehn

completed pre-engineered metal building
concrete foundation being worked on at sunset

Focusing on Quality Construction, Team Development, and Family

Steve’s passion is to make the building process go as smoothly as possible and provide each customer with the highest quality experience from initial discussions and proposals, to planning and execution of the project. In addition to the company’s specialty in pre-engineered metal buildings, Koehn Building Systems’ complementary general contracting services and in-house concrete services contribute to achieving this goal.

Steve is passionate about building a company culture where people trust, promote, and genuinely care for each other in a safe work environment. The company places value in team growth and accountability. His personal management philosophy is that every team member is of high importance and plays a crucial role in each construction project - not only those in management positions.

Steve has a wonderful wife and 3 awesome daughters. and places high value on family. They enjoy traveling together, spending time outdoors, and fishing.

Steve leads by example and encourages each team member to work hard by always giving their best effort and to prioritize family and relationships.

When you speak to Steve, he will tell you he is extremely blessed and contributes all success in his family or business to the blessings of God and the support of his wife and parents that taught him unwavering integrity.

IAS Accredited Metal Building Assembler AC 478 Badge

Accredited Metal Building Assembler

Koehn Building Systems is accredited by the International Accreditation Service (IAS) for AC478 to recognize metal building assemblers committed to excellence. Koehn Building Systems was the second metal building assembler in the entire state of Missouri to obtain the prestigious AC478 rating.

Company Recognition and Awards

Under Steve Koehn and Jerel Koehn’s leadership, Koehn Building Systems has won numerous awards and accolades for project performance and safety. Koehn Building Systems also maintains active memberships in relevant industry organizations to enhance our quality of service. The following are just a few of those awards and memberships:

  • ACUITY Construction Safety Award for 2021
  • ACUITY Construction Safety Award for 2019
  • ACUITY Construction Safety Award for 2015
  • ACUITY Construction Safety Award for 2014
  • Top Metal Builders List in the Metal Construction News for 2012 and 2013 including high rankings by both total square footage and tonnage.
  • Active member of the Metal Building Contractors & Erectors Association (MBCEA)

Start Your Next Construction Project with Koehn Building Systems

If you want to learn more about working with our construction company or are ready to get a quote, we encourage you to reach out to us by calling us at 417-395-4305 or by filling out our contact form online. We promise to reach back out as soon as possible, and the majority of quotes are delivered within 1-2 weeks of our initial project scope conversation. We appreciate the opportunity of working with you and look forward to hearing from you soon.