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NECO Seed Farms Inc

Project Summary

Koehn Building Systems worked with the NECO Seed Farms Inc and All State Electrical team to accommodate the tight equipment set up tolerances. Pre-planning was very critical on this project. All equipment placement had to be fully specified before concrete work began due to large steel plates set in concrete for millwright to weld overhead structure to as well as other critical project components. Koehn Building Systems provided project drawings and equipment design layout.

Because the new building was attached to an existing building, another challenging aspect of the project was working up against the existing building and grain bins with very little working room and the tall height of the new building.

The interior required full height wall and ceiling liner. This could only be accessed through one small overhead door and the narrow building width made working out of man lifts very tight quarters. As a result of these added complexities, the NECO Seed Farms project was a challenging but uniquely rewarding project.

Project Specifications and Products Used

Concrete Services

  • Piers, foundation, and slab

Pre-engineered Metal Building

  • 54’ x 25’ x 48’
  • 0.5:12 single slope
  • Standard 26 Gauge PBR wall and roof panels on exterior
  • Attached at existing building endwall

Insulation Package

  • 3’’ blanket insulation in the roof and walls

Interior Finishes

  • Full height wall and ceiling liner panel

Project Location

Garden City, MO

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