Farner-Bocken Company

Established in 1939, Farner Bocken is a family owned company with headquarters in Carroll, IA. This progressive company distributes a wide range of convenience food service products with customers in at least fourteen different states. From the start of planning to the final walk through, Koehn Building Systems gives Farner-Bocken a top rating for being an excellent construction partner.

Wishing to expand their distribution capabilities, Farner-Bocken purchased a commercial site in Butler, MO. The building was a previous Wal-Mart facility that included a Tire and Lube Center. It was the goal of the owner to turn this into a shipping/receiving facility that would flow its product smoothly. It is our belief at Koehn Building Systems that a renovation project of this scale needs professional architectural input. As a customer, you can rest assured that we use only professional architect/design firms to make sure all the issues are covered.

After the design phase, we moved in to demolish the Tire and Lube Center. The demolition included the removal a 40′ x 70′ x 21′ block building. Supporting steel columns needed to be cut flush with the floor. Utility services of gas, water and electricity were capped off and deactivated. Next, to access the new dock and office area, openings were cut into existing masonry wall. Supporting steel framework and plating was added for header and sidewall stabilization.

Now that the exposed exterior wall was prepared with the proper openings, excavation could begin on the new dock area. Concrete footings and forming for the docks included trench drains to handle the flash rains we get here in Western Missouri. The new building expansion actually consisted of two buildings. A 40’x 60′ x 15.33′ was constructed between three sets of docks on either side of this building. 2. A 30′ x 15′ x 15.33′ building was attached to the receiving/shipping building for office and restroom area. Both of these buildings are attached to the existing masonry block building.

This project is an excellent example of taking a basic warehouse building and transitioning it into a smooth flowing shipping/receiving facility. Please see the photos of this project.

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